On-Campus Services Provided

Rice University Student Health Services offers several services to students, including the full spectrum of clinical care and preventive medical services(*). Consultations with a physician are free. (see notes on additional costs for labs, vaccines, etc). Examples include:

Clinical Care

Student Health offers outpatient clinical care services for Rice University students. It is staffed by four primary care physicians, four RNs, and two medical coordinators. The student health fee, which is required of all full-time Rice Students, provides for the professional services at the Student Health clinic.

Student Health does not bill insurance companies. Students may not designate one of the Student Health physicians as their "primary care provider" for health insurance purposes.

Although the professional services provided at Student Health do not generate additional cost to students, laboratory testing and radiology services do. If laboratory testing, radiographic testing, or referral to a sub-specialist is needed it is at this point that health insurance becomes involved. Vaccinations provided at Student Health also involve additional fees. Students with Aetna Student Health may be reimbursed for some vaccines at student health. A claim form will be provided. Please discuss with the physician as coverage may change.

  • Student Health cannot provide primary care for students with chronic medical needs.
  • Students who need significant continuing care for a medical condition will be referred to a physician in the Houston community.
  • Telemedicine consent form
Free Testing

Student Health can provide the following tests at no additional cost:

  • Rapid strep tests
  • Rapid influenza tests
  • Mono-spot tests (infectious mononucleosis)
  • Urine pregnancy tests
  • Urine chemistry tests
  • glucometer tests
  • electrocardiograph


Students with Aetna student health may receive a form from the clinic and can submit this for full reimbursement of the vaccine cost. Students with outside insurers will receive a receipt with proper coding to submit to their insurers. Prices are subject to change.

  • Influenza (quadrivalent) $18
  • Gardasil 9 $253
  • Hepatitis A $76
  • Hepatitis B $64
  • Polio $34
  • Menactra
  • Meningitis B (Bexsero)
  • MMR
  • Tetanus
  • TdaP
  • Twinrix
  • Typhoid

Tests outside of this list (e.g., blood chemistry testing, x-ray services) are not located on-site and will be billed to the student by the reference laboratory or radiology clinic used. Laboratory specimens (e.g., blood, urine) are collected on-site so the student does not need to go to another location. However, in the event radiographic testing (e.g., chest x-ray) is needed the student will be referred to a nearby radiology clinic. Students are expected to provide transportation or to have a friend drive them.

Lab costs - common tests

Prices subject to change - adjusted annually:

  • CBC $5
  • Chemistry panel $5
  • TSH $3
  • Ferritin $5
  • Vitamin B12 $10
  • Lipid panel $5
  • Urine culture $5
  • Pap smear $25
  • HIV $15
  • RPR (syphilis) $5
  • Gonorrhea/Chlamydia $26
Off-campus Services at Additional Costs

The following services are not located on-site and all involve additional expenses that may be covered by health insurance.

Reference Laboratory

  • Specimens collected at the SHS and sent to reference lab
  • Full range clinical laboratory

Subspecialist referral

  • Students are responsible for the cost of visits to an outside physician

X-rays - off-site

  • Students are responsible for the cost of physician-ordered radiographic studies


  • Emergency room (additional cost involved / health insurance)
  • Insurance Note: The physicians at the clinic do not participate in any managed care insurance plans and may not be designated "primary care" physicians. Students with chronic medical problems are encouraged to become established with a physician in the Houston area who participates in their health plan.

Allergy shots

  • Allergy shots will need to be scheduled with off-campus providers. Please consult with your insurance company for in network physicians. There are multiple allergists within walking or train distance to campus. Please call us if you wish for provider names.
Sub-specialty Services

If a student is in need of sub-specialty services, such as orthopedic services, they will be referred to a nearby physician who can provide this type of service. Again, it is at this point that health insurance becomes involved and students are expected to provide, or find, transportation. It is also the student's responsibility to verify whether the physician they are being referred to participates in the student's health insurance program.

Because of the specific details of a given health insurance plan and the complex and shifting nature of contracts between community physicians and health insurance companies, it is not possible for Student Health to know what the cost to the student might be, or if a particular provider is a member of the student's health insurance plan. Note: Starting in August 2005 students with the health insurance plan sponsored through Rice University will be able to access a website listing providers who participate in the Rice Student Health Insurance plan.

*Some services may incur additional fees.

***Student Health Services does not perform some types of physical exams. Very lengthy, extensive physical examination forms (e.g., Antartic, Peace Corp, FAA flight physicals) cannot be obtained at Student Health Services.

STI testing - Students with Aetna student health may receive full reimbursement for STI testing at Student Health once per school year. Please speak with your physician to clarify and obtain testing and a claim form.

Free STI testing is available at the Baylor Teen clinic for ages 18-23

Contraceptive consults - We offer consultations with our primary care physicians regarding contraception. We have FREE condoms (internal and external) in our waiting room and exam rooms at all times (please ask the front desk if the supplies are out). . We will discuss all options with patients. We can write prescriptions for oral contraceptives and the NuvaRing. We usually have samples of the NuvaRing in the office for a trial. We can review the IUD, Implanon, etc and will refer to either a gynecologist that we work with directly or to Planned Parenthood - new clinic near Rice 4600 Gulf Freeway The Baylor Teen clinic also provides contraceptives. Most insurance companies now cover the IUD at 100%. The MORNING AFTER PILL is available over the counter (no prescription needed) at local pharmacies. No appointment needed. For more information on contraception, please schedule a consult with us or you can visit