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Travel Consultations

For students traveling abroad for short or long vacations or studies, we offer travel consultations. These visits may include immunizations, medications for malaria, and advice on current illnesses in the destination country. Students should visit as soon as travel plans are made since some immunizations require shots over several months. Students should know what part of the country they will be visiting as recommendations may vary from city to countryside in developing countries.

STD Testing

STD Testing for males and females is done at the clinic. Blood work screening may include HIV, RPR (syphilis), and Hepatitis. Urinalysis or swabs may be used to screen for gonorrhea or Chlamydia. Treatment will be initiated for positive results.

Allergy Shots

Patients who are being followed by an allergist may get injections at the clinic by appointment.  We are presently full for the fall of 2017 but will take patient names for a waiting list.

Sick Visits

The clinic sees patients for acute illnesses, including:

  • respiratory infections
  • sore throats
  • headaches
  • abdominal pain
  • urinary tract infections
  • fever
  • orthopedic injuries or trauma
  • eye infections, etc.

Testing including urinalysis, strep screens, mono screens, pregnancy tests, peak flow testing, and ekgs are available free of charge. If additional lab work is needed, the blood can be drawn onsite and will be sent outside the lab. There is a fee for these labs. X-ray testing can be done nearby at non-Rice facilities.

Emergency Contraception

Students should seek care within 72 hours. This is available over the counter for students 17 and older. Students may obtain the medicine from a pharmacy without a prescription for a cost of approximately $49.